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Where To Buy Plus Size Suits


Where To Buy Plus Size Suits

The brand goes up to a size 36, with different plus size suits stopping at various sizes. I recommend using the filter feature on the site to sort your search results based on your size! I do that all of the time, and I think it makes plus size shopping WAY easier!

Last but never least in my heart is Wildfang! This LGBT-owned brand is known for their more masculine cuts (I have a whole guide to more masculine plus size clothing HERE!), and their suits are ON TREND and bold af!

All women like good suits, the ones which are according to their size, perfect fit, and are of the right color. Sometimes, we face difficult decisions as to which outfit to buy and which one will look best on us.

Let's be honest: finding the perfect fitting suit isn't the easiest of tasks - and we're not even talking about finding fashionable suits. Luckily, you have found Sumissura where you can design the plus size pant suit or skirt suit you dream of. You don't even have to worry about the perfect fitting. Just give us your measurements and we make the suit fit you. Not the other way around.

Do you want to make a bold (first) impression at work or in an interview? Or are you looking for a classy, professional attire for the office? With a plus size suit from Sumissura, you can rest assured that you're dressed for success. We have a range of dark-toned suits that have sufficient drape in both upper and lower wear to perfectly fit your curves.

Don't see yourself in a classic white wedding dress? How about an elegant plus size wedding suit for ladies? It's definitely a fashion highlight that flatteringly stages your curves. Whether for a civil wedding, a church wedding, or even a beach wedding, a wedding pant suit is a charming option. Choose light linen for your summer wedding or warm wool fabric for the colder months. We recommend ordering fabric samples, so you can get a feel for the fabric and see the color for real. Need more advice? Then contact our customer service, they will be happy to help you.

Plus size pant suits are also a stylish alternative to a dress for the mother of the bride, maid of honor, or wedding guest. Choose a pastel pantsuit for spring or summer weddings or warm tweed or wool fabrics for winter weddings. Discover our tweed and wool suits for winter weddings. Be inspired by our selection.

Let's discuss the right pant suit for when you're out in the summer... It all depends on the fabric. Sumissura has a variety of lightweight fabrics, like linen, to choose from when designing your plus size suits. Not only do they add a sleek look, but they also help keep you cool throughout the day. Combine it with a light cotton shirt and you're all set to shine like the summer sun.

Winters can prove to be chilly in most parts of the world. Choose heavy materials for your plus size winter suit. Wool or tweed for example will help you to stay warm and cozy. Double-breasted suits and thick blazers are some suiting styles that plus-size women can adorably pull off. Get your classy plus size winter suits for women from Sumissura today! The next winter is around the corner.

Are you fan of a good suit? I am. I love the way you can take a suit and make it all you own. A great plus size suit that gives you bossy vibes, that you can wear for work and play? Give me all of them. Especially as I go through my own personal style evolution, I find that I am loving a great tailored piece with attitude. I thought what a better way to express this than with a few plus size suiting options for the plus size professional looking for a few new plus size wear to work styles or for the high fashion lover?!

Take the guesswork out of styling with our pre-matched plus size pant suits or piece together your own unique look. Figure-flattering plus size straight leg trousers featuring elastic sides will give you a better range of motion to navigate your day in comfort. Pair black and white gingham print pants with a tie-neck top and c


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