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Blackpink Du Du Du Du Dance


During the intro, a dark gray diamond shape rises behind the dancers before it flashes white and hot pink, before two triangles forming another diamond bulge out in the middle. The shapes appear to "shiver" in the middle every time the beat drops, and even more shapes, particularly arrow shapes, start to expand from the middle of the diamond. In the verses, the small shapes appear to move together in unison, except when the arrows poke out into the sides. At the end of the second verse, the camera zooms out four times.

With such an iconic point choreography, it is hard to even imagine the song without it. Luckily, the members showcased just how talented and imaginative they are to create one of the most well-known dances in K-Pop!

K-pop choreography is often as iconic as the idols themselves, with popular moves such as Blackpink's "DDU-DU DDU-DU" finger guns and Oh My Girl's "Dolphin" hands recognised even outside fandom. It's common in K-pop for songs to have official dance routines, performances which fans quickly become familiar with and sometimes even learn to dance themselves.

As such, K-pop seems like a perfect match for Just Dance, Ubisoft's popular rhythm game series. In Just Dance, players mirror an onscreen guide as they dance to various songs, while the game tracks their moves and awards them points according to how accurate they are. It's a fun way to get moving while enjoying some of your favourite songs, particularly if jogging isn't your thing.

"We tried to use iconic dance moves, but we're not always allowed to replicate the whole choreography," said Ubisoft Asia managing director Steve Miller, speaking to UnGeek(Opens in a new tab) about Just Dance's K-pop routines.

Fortunately, Just Dance doesn't completely rechoreograph every K-pop song it includes, and is sometimes able to use segments of the original dances even if it can't use it all. Still, some Just Dance K-pop routines are better than others, whether because they adhere more closely to the official choreography, follow the spirit of the dance, look impressive, or are just plain fun.

The mind-numbingly simple moves and planned pratfalls in this Just Dance routine would best suit very young children, particularly as they're repeated ad infinitum. Even so, I hesitate to recommend it since the dance also requires players to collide with each other. This may work when you're wearing a large plush gumball costume, but could quickly end in tears for unpadded kids playing at home.

Just Dance's choreography of Twice's "Fancy"(Opens in a new tab) was widely derided(Opens in a new tab) by K-pop fans when first revealed, and with good reason. Though the beginning is vaguely promising, with finger twirls reminiscent of the official dance, it quickly devolves into a dull routine that is closer to striking a series of embarrassing poses than actually dancing.

Like "Fancy," Just Dance's "Feel Special" routine isn't terribly inspired and will definitely make you feel like a big dork. Still, its higher energy gives it an edge over Twice's previous 2019 single. The more glaring issue weighing "Feel Special" down is just how hard Just Dance's choreography only works the right side of your body. Even if you're having fun, following this dance will inevitably leave you feeling lopsided.

I've typically found Just Dance's Extreme Versions to be more in line with K-pop songs' original dances than the game's standard versions. This is not the case for 2NE1's "I Am The Best."(Opens in a new tab)

Ubisoft's "Ice Cream" choreography feels fairly average, though it livens up considerably during the dance break. Fortunately "Ice Cream" isn't Blackpink's most iconic nor recognisable performance, so this video game interpretation doesn't suffer from missing famous signature moves. Blackpink itself hasn't even performed "Ice Cream" on stage, and the group's official choreography video(Opens in a new tab) uses animated Zepeto avatars.

It isn't really fair to judge the Sweat Version


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