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Subho Dasgupta Poems Pdf Free !FULL!

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Subho Dasgupta Poems Pdf Free !FULL!

Subho Dasgupta: A Poet of Love and Life

Subho Dasgupta is a Bengali poet who has written many popular and acclaimed poems on various themes such as love, life, nature, society, and culture. His poems are known for their lyrical beauty, emotional depth, and philosophical insight. He has published several collections of poems such as Chandangach, Sarthok Jonom, Ami Subhas Bolchi, Amar Rabindranath, and Didi.

If you are a fan of Subho Dasgupta's poems or want to explore his poetic world, you can find some of his poems online for free in PDF format. Here are some websites where you can download or read his poems:

Kobikolpolota: This website has a large collection of Subho Dasgupta's poems in Bengali with lyrics and audio. You can also find poems by other Bengali poets on this website.

SoundCloud: This website has a few of Subho Dasgupta's poems in PDF format that you can download or listen to. You can also follow the user NaquiOindo who uploaded these poems.

Subho Dasgupta's poems are a treasure of Bengali literature that can touch your heart and soul. Enjoy reading or listening to his poems and discover the beauty and wisdom of his words.

Subho Dasgupta was born in Kolkata in 1961 and started writing poems at an early age. He studied Bengali literature at Jadavpur University and worked as a journalist and editor for various newspapers and magazines. He also taught Bengali literature at different colleges and universities. He received many awards and honors for his poetic works, such as the Ananda Puraskar, the Sahitya Akademi Award, and the Bangla Academy Award.

Subho Dasgupta's poems reflect his love for his motherland, his admiration for Rabindranath Tagore, his compassion for the oppressed and marginalized, his critique of the social and political evils, and his quest for the meaning of life. His poems are rich in imagery, metaphors, symbols, and musicality. He uses various forms and styles of poetry, such as sonnets, ghazals, free verse, and folk songs. He also experiments with language and expression, blending classical and colloquial words, creating new words, and playing with sounds and rhythms.

Subho Dasgupta's poems have been translated into many languages, such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Nepali. His poems have also been adapted into songs, films, dramas, and paintings. He has influenced many young poets and readers with his poetic vision and voice. He is regarded as one of the most prominent and popular poets of contemporary Bengali literature.

Some of the most popular and famous poems of Subho Dasgupta are Chandangach, Sarthok Jonom, Ami Subhas Bolchi, Amar Rabindranath, and Didi. These poems deal with various themes such as love, patriotism, freedom, death, and spirituality. They also showcase his poetic skills and creativity. Here are some excerpts from these poems:


àààààààààà ààààà àààà àààà ààà

ààààà àààà àà ààà

àààààààààà ààà àààà àààà ààà

ààààà àààà àà ààà

Chandangach's thorn is in my hand

What is in your hand

Chandangach's flower is in my hand

What is in your hand

Sarthok Jonom:

àààààà àààà àààà ààààªàààà ààààà

àààààà àààà àààà àªàààààà àªàààà

Sarthok Jonom is in the boundary of my dream

Sarthok Jonom is in the identity of my love

Ami Subhas Bolchi:

âààà àààààâ àààà

âààààààâ-àà àààà

âI am Subhas' I am saying

'Netaji'-s listen

Amar Rabindranath:






âDidiâ-àà âDidiâ-àà âDidiâ


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