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Cast Away


Cast Away

I would have preferred knowing much less about "Cast Away" on my way into the theater. Noland's survival should be an open question as far as the audience is concerned. You might assume that the 20th Century Fox marketing department gave away the secrets over the dead body of director Zemeckis, but no: Zemeckis apparently prefers to reveal his surprises in the trailers. He got a lot of flak earlier this year when the ads for his previous film, "What Lies Beneath," let you know Harrison Ford was the bad guy, there was a ghost, etc. At that time he was quoted in David Poland's Web column: "We know from studying the marketing of movies, people really want to know exactly every thing that they are going to see before they go see the movie. It's just one of those things. To me, being a movie lover and film student and a film scholar and a director, I don't. What I relate it to is McDonald's. The reason McDonald's is a tremendous success is that you don't have any surprises. You know exactly what it is going to taste like. Everybody knows the menu." A strange statement, implying as it does that Zemeckis is a movie lover, student and scholar but that he doesn't market his movies for people like himself. This is all the more depressing since he usually makes good ones.

It is no accident that the U.S. State Department's White Paper on China-U.S.Relations and Secretary of State Acheson's Letter of Transmittal to PresidentTruman [1] have been released at this time. Thepublication of these documents reflects the victory of the Chinese peopleand the defeat of imperialism, it reflects the decline of the entire worldsystem of imperialism. The imperialist system is riddled with insuperableinternal contradictions, and therefore the imperialists are plunged intodeep gloom.Imperialism has prepared the conditions for its own doom. These conditionsare the awakening of the great masses of the people in the colonies andsemi-colonies and in the imperialist countries themselves. Imperialism haspushed the great masses of the people throughout the world into the historicalepoch of the great struggle to abolish imperialism.Imperialism has prepared the material as well as the moral conditions forthe struggle of the great masses of the people.The material conditions are factories, railways, firearms, artillery, andthe like. Most of the powerful equipment of the Chinese People's LiberationArmy comes from U.S. imperialism, some comes from Japanese imperialism andsome is of our own manufacture.The British aggression against China in 1840[2] was followed by the wars of aggression againstChina by the Anglo-French allied forces, [3] byFrance, [4] by Japan,[5] and by the allied forces of the eight powers(Britain, France, Japan, tsarist Russia, Germany, the United States, Italyand Austria); [6] by the war between Japan andtsarist Russia on Chinese territory; [7] by Japan'swar of aggression against China in China's Northeast, which began in 1931;by Japan's war of aggression against all China, which began in 1937 and lastedeight long years; and, finally, by the latest war of aggression against theChinese people, which has gone on for three years, waged to all appearancesby Chiang Kai-shek but in reality by the United States. As stated in Acheson'sLetter, the United States in this last war has given the Kuomintang governmentmaterial aid to the value of "more than 50 percent" of the latter's "monetaryexpenditures" and "furnished the Chinese armies" (meaning the Kuomintangarmies) with "military supplies". It is a war in which the United Statessupplies the money and guns and Chiang Kai-shek supplies the men to fightfor the United States and slaughter the Chinese people. All these wars ofaggression, together with political, economic and cultural aggression andoppression, have caused the Chinese to hate imperialism, made them stop andthink, "What is all this about?" and compelled them to bring their revolutionaryspirit into full play and become united th


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