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How to Achieve Color Integrity with ColorPerfect 2.25

How to Achieve Color Integrity with ColorPerfect 2.25

ColorPerfect 2.25 is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PhotoLine that allows you to edit all kinds of photographic media while maintaining or establishing color integrity. Whether you are working with digital camera RAW files, scanned color or black and white negatives, or scanned slides and prints, ColorPerfect 2.25 can help you achieve natural and accurate colors in your digital images.

ColorPerfect 2.25

In this article, we will show you how to use ColorPerfect 2.25 to process your images in three different modes: ColorNeg, ColorPos and PerfectRAW. We will also explain the benefits of using ColorPerfect 2.25 over other image editing tools and how to purchase and install the plugin.

What is Color Integrity and Why is it Important?

Color integrity means that the colors in your digital images are faithful to the colors of the original scene or subject. It also means that the colors are consistent across different devices, such as monitors, printers and projectors. Color integrity is important for several reasons:

  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal and realism of your images.

  • It preserves the artistic intent and vision of the photographer.

  • It facilitates communication and collaboration with other professionals, such as designers, editors and clients.

  • It ensures quality and accuracy for archival and scientific purposes.

However, achieving color integrity is not easy, especially when dealing with different types of photographic media. Each medium has its own characteristics, limitations and challenges that affect the color reproduction. For example:

  • Digital camera RAW files contain the raw sensor data that need to be interpreted and converted into a standard color space, such as sRGB or Adobe RGB. Different RAW converters may produce different results depending on their algorithms, settings and profiles.

  • Scanned color negatives have an orange mask that needs to be removed and inverted to obtain positive images. The orange mask varies depending on the film type, age and storage conditions. The scanner software may not have accurate profiles for all film types or may apply unwanted adjustments.

  • Scanned black and white negatives have a density range that needs to be mapped to a tonal range in the digital domain. The scanner software may not have optimal settings for contrast, brightness and gamma correction.

  • Scanned slides and prints have a limited dynamic range that may result in clipped highlights or shadows. The scanner software may not have adequate color correction or enhancement options.

To overcome these challenges, you need a tool that can handle all kinds of photographic media with respect to their color integrity. That's where ColorPerfect 2.25 comes in.

How to Use ColorPerfect 2.25 in Three Different Modes

ColorPerfect 2.25 is a plugin that works within your host application, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or PhotoLine. It has three different modes that correspond to three different types of photographic media: ColorNeg, ColorPos and PerfectRAW.

ColorNeg Mode

ColorNeg mode is designed for converting scans of color negatives into digital positives. It has built-in calibration data for over 310 types of color negative film from various manufacturers, such as Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Konica and Rollei. It also has a unique FilmType control that allows you to calibrate problem negatives or negatives of unknown type.

To use ColorNeg mode, follow these steps:

  • Scan your color negative as a linear 48 bit RGB file without any adjustments or corrections.

  • Open the scanned file in your host application and launch ColorPerfect 2.25 from the Filter menu.

  • Select ColorNeg mode from the Mode menu at the top left corner of the plugin window.

  • Select your film type from the FilmType menu at the bottom left corner of the plugin window. If your film type is not listed or you are not sure about it, use the FilmType control to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of the orange mask until you get a natural looking positive image.

  • Use the other controls in the plugin window to fine-tune your image, such as Exposure, White Balance, Black Point, Contrast Curve and Saturation.

  • Click OK to apply the changes and return to your host application.

ColorPos Mode

ColorPos mode is designed for working on scans of slides and prints as well as on digital 29c81ba772


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