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[S5E2] The Cutie Map - Part 2

[S5E2] The Cutie Map - Part 2 --->>>

The Cutie Map - Part 2, also formatted The Cutie Map, Part 2[1] and also called Cutie Markless[2][3] Pt 2,[4] is the second episode of the fifth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the ninety-third episode overall. It is the second part of a two-part season premiere. Along with Part 1 of the premiere, these two are the first episodes to premiere on the Discovery Family Channel.

Following the loss of their cutie marks, the Mane Six are locked inside one of the village houses as unwilling permanent residents. As a result of their talents being taken away, Rarity has lost her sense of fashion, Fluttershy is unable to communicate with animals, Applejack has lost her country-style mannerisms, and Pinkie Pie is less cheerful.

With this, Fluttershy attempts to expose Starlight's secret by dousing her in water. Starlight avoids getting completely wet, but some of the water splashes on her and causes her makeup to run. Party Favor notices this and uses a rag to reveal Starlight's real cutie mark underneath her fake one, much to the shock of her followers. Despite Starlight's efforts to save face, the villagers are upset that she lied to them. With her perfect society and plans now ruined, Starlight runs to lock herself inside her house. As the villagers go to retrieve their cutie marks from the vault, the Mane Six approach Starlight's house to retrieve theirs.

Using the Staff of Sameness (revealed to be nothing but a hunk of wood), Double Diamond shatters the vault's glass covering, and the cutie marks fly back to their respective owners. Meanwhile, Starlight takes the Mane Six's cutie marks and escapes through a secret passage under her bed.

With the villagers' help, the Mane Six break into Starlight's house and follow her through the secret passage. They see Starlight fleeing toward the mountains, through which a network of caves would guarantee her escape and the loss of the Mane Six's cutie marks for good. Using their rediscovered special talents, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, and Night Glider pursue Starlight Glimmer through the mountains, eventually cornering her just outside the caves and burying her in snow. The jars containing the Mane Six's cutie marks shatter, and their cutie marks are finally restored.

The villagers celebrate the return of their cutie marks and true selves, giving real smiles instead of fake ones. The Mane Six's cutie marks start pulsating, and they sense that their job in this village is complete and that the castle map is calling them somewhere else. Before they leave, they decide to join in the villagers' partying for a little while.

So, on to part two of "Call of the Cutie Pox Markless Google Maps Chronicles." Where we left off (by the way, check out my review of part one by clicking here or some shit), Twilight and the Crickets got their cutie marks snagged by Sunlight Glimmsher and...actually, that's it.

So the gang was stuffed in some house thing to listen to equality stuff for days on end as their new equal sign cutie marks slowly turn them into passionless mannequins. Kind of like people in real life. With that, Twilight then hatches a plan to send Fluttershy out into the town in an attempt to save the day and all that stuff, since she has been unnaturally easy going on this town and its ways and would be the most believable turn of the tide.

Upon freedom, Fluttershy is asked by Starlight Glimmer about who exactly was interested in getting their cutie marks back. She is then swapped out for Party Favor as he takes the bullet for Sugar Belle and Night Glider. I ship nothing. Fluttershy later discovers two facts: Starlight Glimmer has taken her and her friends' cutie marks personally, and that she is covering up her cutie mark with makeup.

The plan at this point is to get Starlight into a vulnerable enough position so that Fluttershy can expose her cutie mark and get the town to turn on her, thus foiling her plans and all that stuff. This plan almost fails, as Fluttershy


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