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Pulse (Magitman Remix)

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In 2005 Fershtat decided to bring an end to the BLT project as he no longer citing lack of overseas bookings and his interest in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine as the main reasons. Then Michael Abel-Larsen, one of the owners of Iboga Records, suggested he produce music with slower BPM tempo.[20] He chose the name Perfect Stranger because of a Goa track by that name by Sandman and the Deep Purple song of the same name.[21] The first Perfect Stranger album, Learning = Change was released in the Danish record label Iboga Records, in 2006, and a remixes/collaborations album named Changed was released the year after and featured some of the most important artists in the progressive trance world at the time,[22] including Atmos, Vibrasphere, Ace Ventura and Antix, who remixed some of Perfect Stranger tracks, while he remixed some of theirs.[23] Free Cloud, the third Perfect Stranger's album, and Fershtat`s seventh album altogether, was released late in 2008, and is the album that brought him worldwide attention[24] that crossed genres and scenes and is considered by many to be his best album yet.[25] The inspiration for the album title was based on David Bowie`s song, as Fershtat claimed he " felt like that Wild Eyed Boy from Free Cloud, that David Bowie used to sing about 35 years ago".[26] Free Cloud was characterized by monotone, "technoidic feel", and cross over between genres[27] as Fershtat used the best parts in from the genres that inspired him, mostly techno.[28][29][30] 781b155fdc


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